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Small Press Highlights, 2010 Edition | National Book Critics Circle

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Small Press Highlights, 2010 Edition by rigoberto gonzález | Dec-20-2010

BlazeVOX [books]: Urayoán Noel, Hi-Density Politics: No other poet can make music out of NYC’s white noise and stage a play using the “scenes from an apocalipsync” like the inimitable Noel--a poet who packs more energy into a single page than most can pack into an entire book. So what’s the book about?: “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SLIGHT LIMPS, BABY,  THE ETHNIC FOOD  THE QUEER RAZA  THE SITUATIONALIST THEORY  THE MECHANICAL BULLS  THE INCA TEMPLES  THE LEATHERETTE GLOVES  THE STIRRUPPED CUTUPS  THE BAD BEATITUDES  THE STILLBORN MORNINGS  THE PARTIAL MEMORIES  THE UNDERWEAR HANGOVERS  THE S&M AT THE H&M...”

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Greg Bem Reviews Tom Clark’s At the Fair

At the Fair by Tom Clark. 132 pages. BlazeVOX [books], 2010. $16.00.

Tom Clark’s latest book of poetry is a welcome assortment of verse and prose featuring diverse styles, impeccable themes, and moving stories, all told in retrospective, West Coast candor. Through the emulation of a small town world made complete with an intrinsically international mythology rooted to mankind’s relationship with the universe, At the Fair is like a “best of” for a poignant culture. The book makes the attempt to go from microcosmic reliance to macrocosmic necessity and succeeds in forging an alliance between the two, achieving a noble goal to unite timeless queries: foster meaning with language, empathize with undeniable Memory, and bolster with compassion toward life and beauty.

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We are pleased to announce the release of Galatea Resurrects' 15th Issue, which presents 72 New Poetry Reviews as well as other feature presentations. The issue can be accessed directly at 


Check out these BlazeVOX [books] reviews!

John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews AT THE FAIR by Tom Clark

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Eileen Tabios engages APPARITION POEMS by Adam Fieled

Edric Mesmer reviews ON SECRETS OF MY PRISON HOUSE by Geoffrey Gatza



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G.E. Schwartz reviews THE FUTURE IS HAPPY by Sarah Sarai

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Hurray! The Fall issue of BlazeVOX 2kX Fall 2010 is now online!


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BlazeVOX2kX Fall 2010

Ezra Pound at 125: Either move or be moved

Welcome to the Fall issue of BlazeVOX 2kX. Once again we have a wonderful issue of wild fictions, poetry, and visual poetry. We have 86 authors presenting a varied array of writings from authors around the world, from varied backgrounds and whose ages range from 17 to 82. So hop in and be moved by these works!

Either move or be moved is a favorite quote of mine from Ezra Pound. This simple phrase resounds in my mind of all the possibilities that can be open by the act of using ones own potential. In this case writing, but it is applicable to all the arts. I myself say, be relevant. We chose Ezra Pound as our Editor in Chief as he is still quite a relevant figure for today. We cannot forgive his politics but on his Quasquicentennial anniversary, we say hurray!

On October 30th Erza Pound turned 125 years old. This is a big day for any writer and since he is our Editor-in-Chief, Ezra’s birthday was something we did not want to miss. We had a nice celebration in Buffalo, NY that trailed on the tails of another literary event going on that day, Big Night. It was a lucky coincidence that I had already been scheduled to cook up a feast for this event, so it was natural that I themed it a birthday party. This is one of the best reading series in Buffalo featuring poetry, poets theater, music, film and of course, food. I have been cooking for these events since the inception of the series last year. It is always a thrill to entertain so many through food and poetry. And it is the perfect way to pack a room for a poetry reading. Although, to be honest, Ezra’s birthday was not mentioned during the event, a simple slip of the mind of the hosts, as there was a lot going on that night. So not everyone knew that this was going on. But I was near the dining table and doing my best to explain that the Ezra Pumpkin was a tribute to our Editor-in-Chief. All one hundred guests had a good time and that is all that matters. So hurray!

The full menu is below and many pictures of the event follow.

For More information on Big Night:

And an iTunes Podcast treat for all:

Ezra Pound: Early Poems and Translations
Free Podcast of Pounds works read by Alan Davies Drake.


List of Authors:
Amy Hard
Amanda Stephens
Amy Lawless
Amylia Grace
Andrea Dulanto
AE Baer
Anisa Rahim
Antony Hitchin
Brad Vogler
Barbara Duffey
Benjamin Dickerson
Bob Nimmo
Billy Cancel
Brian Edwards
Brian Anthony Hardie
Ashley Burgess
Carlos Ponce-Meléndez
Carol Smallwood
Caroline Klocksiem
Chad Scheel
Christine Herzer
Darren Caffrey
David Toms
Debrah Morkun
Diana Salier
Donna Danford
David Plumb
Ed Makowski
Elizabeth Brazeal
Eric Wayne Dickey
Erin J. Mullikin
Julie Finch
Flower Conroy
George McKim 
Geoffrey Gatza
Sarah Sweeney
Geer Austin
henry 7. reneau, jr
Howie Good
Ivan Jenson
James Mc Laughlin
Jason Joyce
Jeff Arnett
Julia Anjard Maher
Joshua Young
Jennifer Thacker
Kate Lutzner
Kelci M. Kelci
Laura Straub
Martin Willitts Jr
Margot Block
Myl Schulz
Camille Roy
Megan Milligan
Michael Caylo-Baradi
Michael Crake
Michael Hartman
Nick Miriello
Nicole Peats
Orchid Tierney
Philip Sultz
SJ Fowler
Steven Taylor
Steve Potter
Stephan Delbos
Simon Perchik
Sean Neville
Sarah Sousa 
Bob Whiteside
Ricardo Nazario y Colón
Santiago del Dardano Turann
John Raffetto
Bruce Bromley
Carl Dimitri
Gregory Dirkson
Jordan Martich
Natalie McNabb
Moura McGovern
Jennifer Houston
Robert Vaughan
Christi Mastley
pd mallamo
bruno neiva


Best, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gatza
Editor  &  Publisher
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Some Odd Afternoon by Sally Ashton reviewed in Rattle!

Some Odd Afternoon by Sally Ashton
Reviewed in Rattle


Book Information:
· Paperback: 100 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 9781935402817